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Restoring a 80s or 90s steel Schwinn Frontier into something somewhat cooler


I chose to build up this very humble Schwinn because it represents the most accessible and boring, but still very functional bike I could think of. But while being all that it also needed to be somewhat possible to have some coolness shine through, not all bike have that last part. And being a step-through frame it's even cheaper and easier to find on a trash piles all across the America, probably Canada too. I did pay $20 for mine off facebook market place.
The approach I took on this build was to be practical and unassuming, but to the right eye, they'll see beauty, style and realize there's someone who cares behind the bike.
I've painted the frame with some hardware store rustoleum 2x primer, which supposedly means you don't need primer, not sure if I agree with that or not. On top of the base layer of paint I sprayed a 2 part clear coat. The 2 part clear coast does wonders for making the overall paint job look glossy and stay very durable.
As for parts I wanted to keep as much original as I could except where I really thought the bike would be better with new parts. Below I'll compile a parts list with prices.
The whole pizza thing was simply because I actually wanted a way to be able to bring our pizza home with my bicycle. It seems like such a waste to drive only a few miles to get a pizza.     
As it sits it's actually a great bike to ride, shifts great, stops good, no issues at all, solid, and because of the short wheelbase it's really easy to wheelie. Next up I'm going to add some insulation to the pizza box. It's not really needed as it only took me nine minutes to get home last time and the pizza was still hot, but why not, might help on cooler days. In addition I'm planning on creating a cool and unique head tube badge. If it turns out well it'll probably be repeated on future builds.
Thanks everyone for the nice comments and interactions, this is actually an awesome community! If you want to follow this build and other builds the best place is on my youtube channel,
-Paint: rustoleum 2x (2 cans) - $8
-Spray Max 2K High Gloss Finish Clear - $25
-Wald 215 rear rack - $32
-Wald 137 front basket - $32
-V Brake Noodle Cable Guide (set of 10) -$10
-Kremorv locking Grips -$8
2 - Elecony Bike Tire 26x2.10 Folding tires (2) -$42
-ebay saddle -$18
-used ebay handle bars -$15
-Aliexpress 1X crankset with chainring -$28
-Ali/ebay pedals -$25
-used rear friction shifter -$10
-brake/shifter cable -$10
Total cost including estimate for parts I already had: $231 
Pizza box was free as the wood was taken from the trash, okay maybe a few dollars for the wood glue, screws and two hinges.