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Florian PottHoff




Turning an old dutch hybrid i found in the trash into a mountainbikers gravel/bikepacking bike.


Hello I am Florian Potthoff an 18-year-old student from Germany and an Avid Mountain biker.

This whole build started last fall during a family holiday to the Netherlands.

One day on a ride I saw the bike I ended up building on a trash pile together with other bikes at a camping ground, I took a closer look at it and realized that, even though it was very dirty and rusty it looked quite nice.

The next day I went back to the place and asked whether I could have it since it seemed to be going in the trash anyways.

The owner of the camping ground was quite surprised that someone would want to have this and said that I could take it with me.

Unfortunately, the Lock on it was seized so I had to drag it home with a locked back wheel…

To fit the bike in the car, when we drove home, I had to disassemble the whole thing and even let out the air from the tires so they would fit in the car since we already had 2 bikes in the car.

After I had applied for this contest, I built the bike up with the parts that where on it and some spares I had.

After the first ride I noticed that I needed bigger tires.

I also wanted to convert it to disc, because in German winter conditions, having rim brakes is like having no brakes at all.

Because of the lack of room for bigger tires in a 700c setup, I ordered some 650b wheels with DT Swiss rims and XLC sealed bearing hubs, as well as some bigger 43 mm Panaracer gravel kings.

I had to cold set the rear triangle because the spacing was to narrow.

After reading about different disc brake adapter on forums I found an old thread on mtbr.com where many people claimed the A-to-Z adapter to be quite good, so I ordered one.

When I first tried to fit it I realized that my dropouts where to thin so I made an adapter out of 3mm aluminum sheet.

This turned out to be a massive headache since my Dremel somehow struggled to cut the aluminum sheet for some reason. Because I didn’t have time to get a different tool, I simply bodged it with a set of bolt croppers and a wood saw.

I installed an old Tektro brake, but the old brake hose burst under pressure and covered my whole workshop in oil.

So, I took a Shimano brake of another bike.

After that the build was complete.

I took the bike for a ride yesterday and I really liked how smooth it rode.

My future plans for this bike are to get a proper disc brake tab welded on and also get a different fork since the clearance the original one is too small for even a 140 mm Rotor.

I will also install gears eventually to make this bike better for multi day bikepacking trips