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Noah Morissette




Trek Multitrack 7000 from Dad Bike to 26" Disk Gravel Machine.


Hello! My name is Noah. I sadly don’t have any cool nicknames that I know of. Feel free to gift me one. But a little bit about me really quick. I’m a huge computer nerd, I’m 20 and currently in college for cyber security. I love to cook, bake, obviously anything computer related, and some other random things here and there. But one important thing I know I love to do, and so do all of you. Cycling. Next paragraph.

A few years ago I got into cycling. I liked it when I was 14 and on a walmart bike that barely worked. But I was nowhere close to being in shape, and could barely ride half a mile, let alone 100. Over the years I’ve built bikes, repaired bikes, started off with road riding, slowly ventured onto smooth dirt trails, gravel trails, and then actually have gotten into mountain biking. Over these years. I’ve gotten more fit, and have had more money to throw at this bottomless pit of a hobby. One thing I built two seasons ago is my very own road bike. Specifically for my size and everything. Story time.

Did my first 100 miles on it. That was rough. About a 90 degree day, sunny , little wind, out in the middle of nowhere Maine. I was dehydrated for about 4 hours out of the 10 I was out there in the saddle. The food I brought with me needed water because I was dumb and brought peanut butter, and other sticky foods. So I was hungry, exhausted, and dehydrated. All on the stupid bike I built with my own two hands. I had one crank arm fall off once because I had barely tested the bike, and I had my handlebars get a little floaty when going down a hill, and let me tell you what. I almost met god going down that hill. Who would’ve thunk that turning your bars is actually useful. Not me. Clearly. But after all that, what did I learn? Nothing. The next year, on the day. My brother and I both went out on that same exact ride. I was on the same bike, and my old bro was on his bike. (My older bro is my cycling buddy fun fact) I did much better, he suffered hard. I saw where I was a year ago in his pain. The sweat, that he sweat, the dehydration we both felt, the suffering him and I did together. It was one of his, and my, best experiences ever. Next paragraph.

Why do I mention that? Because cycling is deep rooted into me. I ride daily(besides in the winter) like many of you do, I have wonderful stories that I know we all do. But I’m here to write a story. Not from an experience. But a bike that is its own story and a blank canvas for its own crazy adventures. So what’s up with the bike?

I tore down the bike, and I have most of the parts besides the front fork, and the stuff to convert the headset from threaded to threadless, and a few minor bits and pieces. The 26x2 tires look like a beast on that. It begs to be ridden, and ridden hard. Thrown onto trails it was never meant for. For it to write its own stories. But where does that start?

That starts with you guys. I need you guys to vote. Not just for me to continue here. But I would love to hear your input on some of the things I should do to the bike. Any ideas for the paint job? Should I end up seeing if I can build some wheels for it? Throw on some gumwalls? What do you guys want? I know what I sort of want to build. But I want a bike, that when I’m on the trails. I want someone that helped make this bike a reality to yell at me and we can instantly have a connection, and go riding together. Especially because I know at least one of you lives in Northern Maine like me. When I look at this bike. I look back at the evolution of Rawnstercross. I want this to be my Rawnstercross with the input of the community that I love.

While my updates have been few and far between, I appreciate you all. Best of luck to all, and remember to vote. I hope to hear from you soon.