Spindatt's Trasher Bash 2022

Why give these bikes the time of day?

Too often, bikes that have no prestige or heritage to speak of are glossed over in favour of bikes that.. do. The unfortunate part of that is: the inflation of initial investment to even get started. You probably won’t be taking a garbage bike and creating a “world class” race machine, but you sure as hell can bet you’ll put together something you love and want to ride. What we want to do here is get new builders in without having to spend a pile of money to start, and celebrate the achieved final products.

Who qualifies?

Anyone with a subjectively “not cool” or “garbage” bike and a plan to make it… not that. Submissions will be placed through this form here on the website until December 18th, 2021, and by December 22th, 2021 the initial 20 builds will be announced on the channel, instagram and here on Spindatt.com. I (Eric “Spindatt” Spinney) am the gate keeper and will decide, alone, on what makes the cut this year. The more mundane the bike begins, and more ambitious goals of building something you love, the better. 

If you are familiar with the Biltwell Peoples Champ Chopper Build Off, this contest follows that same basic format. Not hiding that fact whatsoever. I am copying them.

Round One

All 20 builders will need to submit progress photos and a write up through the form on the website by February 18th 2022. These will be posted in a poll on the website through Feb 21st to 24th and announcing the continuing 5 builders will be on Feb 26th, 2022. It’s worth noting: good photo’s and interesting write up can be pretty powerful here. Just like vlogs, story is king.

Round Two

Bikes should be done, ready and ridable by April 22nd 2022. I wanted to make the final 5 shoot and edit their own update videos to be posted on the channel and website.. but Angela says that’s too mean. Fine. By April 22nd, 2022 the final 5 must submit video clips of the completed bike showcasing the work completed, along with riding footage to show it is functioning as intended. An accompanying write up describing the work is required, and I will edit the video with voice over for you. These will be posted on the website for public voting from April 26th to 29th. The winner will be announced on April 30th, 2022.

Whats the prize:

Park Tool is supplying a suite of prizes for the top 3 finishers as follows:

1st Place:
PCS-10.3: Repair Stand
THH-H: Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set
HMR-4: Hammer
CCP-22: Crank Puller
CCP-44: Crank Puller
CT-3.3: Chain Tool
TNS-4: Deluxe Threadless Nut Setter
BBT-22: Bottom Bracket Tool
SWB-15: Breaker Bar (3/8” drive)

2nd Place:
PCS-10.3: Repair Stand
THH-1: Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set

3rd Place:

SK-4: Home Mechanic Starter Kit

Panaracer is in.. but I haven’t actually solidified the prize. Everyones tires are so different. This will be a living form.

I’m going to also try and get more. Will update.

Things to note:

Technically, any bike is allowed. Just so long as it is not cool to start. Cool is subjective.. and like I said: I’m the gate keeper. 

There is NO BUDGET for these builds. For one, that would be impossible for me to enforce. Two, I don’t actually believe that someone spending a pile of money on parts with no creativity has a chance against someone who makes cool shit with their hands. Three, I’d hate for someone to not do something that could be mind blowing cool because it might “blow the budget”. I think the field is pretty level no matter what.