Stephane Pawlak


Stephane Pawlak




This 26 inch aluminum mountain bike that I bought in a supermarket (so it is equivalent to a walmart bike) converted to a coaster brake mullet 69er.


A supermarket bike that my teenage-self bought over 10 years ago… I would have never thought that this bike would bring me so much joy and excitement again. It was definitely low quality trash before actually becoming trash. After not much use, a few things broke on the bike, and I never had enough interest to repair it. Bringing it back to its original state seemed pointless, so it ended up sitting in a corner collecting dust and rust. That is, until I realized that I could turn this bike into something that it was never meant to be, and that I have never ridden before, but that would be way better!

Since this bike had zero prestige, with all its parts being rusty and low quality to start with anyway, I had zero limitation about what I could make from it. New fork? Alright, let's go with a larger wheel size then. The rear can't take more than a 26 inch wheel though... It's gonna be just fine in tandem with the 29 inch wheel up front, it has been done before. New drivetrain? I've been fancying riding trails with a coaster brake lately... Well, let's make this finally happen! The dropouts are not single speed compatible though... Hmmm, I'll figure it out.

And that's how I came up with the coaster brake 69er idea. And as all the ideas were coming together, my interest in this bike just grew and grew, and I'm pretty sure that this underdog of a bicycle will now become a solid member of my fleet. In my eyes, it looks sick! Plus, I think it's very cool that you can't find anything similar on the market, which makes it very unique.

Now why would you consider voting for it?

Although it looks more or less finished, now I'm entering the real experimentation phase. First, I’ve made it single-speed ready by adding new custom dropout inserts without welding (if you also can't weld, that may interest you). I need to finish the prototypes and make them all nice looking and solid. Then when I'll receive my disc brake for the front, I'll be routing the cable through the fork to allow bar spins, which requires some modifications of the stem cap and star nut.

I also want to do something with the paint job if I make it to the final 5. I want to keep the "spirit" of the current paint job, as it reminds me of my dear high school years, but it could be improved to look less cheap. I'm thinking about either refreshing the existing paint, Spindatt style, or sanding the white parts to make them raw or polished aluminum while keeping the red and black parts.

I would be documenting all these updates.

But most importantly, don't you wanna see this bike in action?

Sick montage of this bike in action promised if you take me to the final 5! 🙌

Love all the builds, and even if I don’t continue, I’m proud to have been a part of it! Thanks to Eric for putting this all together.