Trasher Bash Semi-Finalist Builder Profiles

Click on the builders name to open their build profile and get a better look at their progress!

Once you are well acquainted with all the builds, head over to the polls and vote for your favourite 5.

Brian Robichaud (@Brobi94)

Lucas Barker (@_lucasbarker)

Lucas Blackburn (@typerc)

Peter Gehring (@Pm_gehring)

 Dave McGowan (@dirtydavemcgowan)

Bruce Chastain (@bruce_chastain)

Austin Fenn (@Spooky866)

Miles Herman (@Miles_Herman)

Landon Banister (@brooksbanister)

Terence Ralston (@the.terry.rally)

Andy Amos (@andyanorak)

Florian PottHoff (@florian_potthoff)

Chris Nicotera (@nicoterachris)


Noah Morrisette (@noburt_m)

Stephane Pawlak (@pan.stefan)

Brody Cox (@bdacycling)

Noah Sullivan (@cyclingwithsully)

Nathan Gascoigne (@trirealhard)